Garden Arches & Piers

When you want to add height or an air of mystery, garden arches and garden piers are often a delightful design solution. Use them to frame pleasing vistas or tempt you into other parts of your garden – the only limit is your imagination…

Garden arches – a proven element in classic gardens

For centuries, arches and piers have played a vital part in stunning garden design. Nowadays, the structural devices that work so effectively in Britain’s most famous gardens can combine aesthetic and practical duty in the smallest Cheltenham town garden. If you need to screen utility areas from a tranquil secret corner, a garden arch trellis or garden arch gate is often a wonderful solution.

A wide range of material options for a garden archway

As with so many garden and landscaping elements, you can specify several different materials as we realise your vision. From wooden garden arches to metal garden arches; from the beauty of a naked timber garden arch gate to a plant-festooned archway, garden arches offer many possibilities:

  • Wood garden arches
  • Iron garden arches
  • A striking gothic garden arch
  • Metal garden arches
  • The romantic garden rose arch

Classic designs in your garden

It’s the same with garden piers. Once a favourite of Elizabethan landscape gardeners, the combination of brick piers and elegant oak beams is a garden design classic that you probably associate with some of the finest National Trust properties. Now, with the skill of your experienced Gloucestershire landscaper, classic design elements such as the garden pier can have feature in your garden too.

How would garden arches or piers transform your property

What’s it to be? A wooden garden arch; a wandering sequence of arches and piers, or a romantic garden arch with gate? Just imagine how any of these classic features could form stunning focal points in your garden…

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